"When you give a fan a shot at an official poster and he just f***ing crushes it."


"We asked Nima Nakhshab; one of our biggest Jurassic fans, to design an official poster for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. He is SUPER talented."


"He seriously makes THE BEST posters - so much talent!"


For over 15 years I’ve incorporated my passion for Graphic Design & Photography to create art that thousands across the world have come to love. This vigor for creativity led me to where I am today in Marketing. I now get to combine each one of my skill sets to grow brands, businesses & more. 




I'm so grateful for all the people around the world who share my designs, and are inspired by my work. Hearing things like "You make me want to study graphic design" or "I want to get back into using Photoshop again just because of you posters" truly means a lot to me. 


- Nima Neemz Nakhshab • The Movie Poster Guy